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  In the world of college athletics, making a splash in attracting the attention that will galvanize a fan base is key!  

Everyone wants to experience the excitement of their school competing at a high level and being able to physically participate in the festivities throughout the season and beyond. HOW you do this is where it all begins and ends.





For colleges and universities it goes without saying that your brand is your ultimate calling card. With the world of social media and the ever-evolving new ways of communication, it is imperative to stay ahead of the game.

The days of a simple phone call or a letter to a potential recruit are no longer winning the recruiting wars, and having the firepower to keep a kid’s attention is no longer optional. This is where Tykes can not only help you to get noticed, but thrust you into the spotlight with those that you never had the option to reach.




Promotion and Fan Engagement is the key to building a continuum of a successful brand.


Connect with your fans, students, and followers by providing engaging content in unique ways throughout the seasons.


Tykes U has developed non-restrictive models that can serve as revenue-generating streams of income.

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